Blogging in the Wild

  • The challenge to BLOG

    Hello, welcome to my spring challenge!

    I am just a regular person willing to share content that I feel might interest you. I have been living an extraordinary life by experiencing amazing moments in parenthood, changes to my healthcare career, share my love of cooking and actually venturing deeper into the great outdoors (hiking, hunting, fishing, boating and foraging) with family and friends. My 2022 spring challenge has started.....

    I am an honest, open and passionate blogger that will present opportunitites that will share my experiences, do how -to -tips, product reviews and so much more.... I encourage you to reply and comment to make this journey and the connection more personalable.

    I will frequently update and review any comments, and lets see where this will take us.

    This is a picture taken in the fall of 2021 as an inspiration to all that is yet to become...





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